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A Business-to-Business Lead Generation Agency

Client Hunters is a business-to-business lead-generation agency. We help our clients to find people who need them.

We currently have 37 clients. We first offered our b2b lead-generation and appointment setting service in 1998. And some of the clients for the service have been with us since that first year, so we keep our clients happy!

The owner of Client Hunters is Sean Sinclair. Sean will be your account manager when you take us on. Sean has been involved in b2b marketing since 1984. He has been helping agencies and consultants with their business development since 1998.

The secret of making phone research work is to talk to the right people in the right companies, and then put across the right message.

First comes the data. Sean wants to zero in on the clients where demand for your service is greatest and where your credentials are strongest. Why? Even if only 33% of your database is no-hopers, your cost per result will be 50% higher than it should have been. This has turned Sean into a data anorak (maybe you’ve seen one of Sean’s magazine articles on how to get more results from data).

The other key decision is what you’re going to say. When you’re on the phone to business managers and directors, you’ve got 15 or 20 seconds to say something electrifying. Otherwise they’ll put the phone down on you.

So we will help you put together a sharp, sweet message that will galvanise your target decision-makers – even the ones who’ve had six other calls from hopeful suppliers that morning.

Sean our MD has a talent for developing strong propositions for our clients. Why not have a chat to him about your busdev objectives and parameters and he’ll see if he can work out a good story for you. Call Sean on on 0131 331 1199, or email sean.sinclair@clienthunters.co.uk. If you don’t think the propositions is strong enough to guarantee success, you can walk away.

Next, once a caller gets past gatekeepers and voicemail and pitches the prospect, they need to continue the conversation to establish whether the prospect has a relevant need. For this you need someone intelligent on the phone. A prospect won’t talk to someone who doesn’t understand what they’re on about.

Luckily, our clients tell us we have some of the best B2B calling staff they’ve come across. Our team consists of commercially aware individuals with the gravitas to communicate at peer level with company directors and senior managers. Their telephone research and selling skills are second to none.

Now, if you get all these things right, you may have a problem. You may get too many people interested. For example, if you’ve asked us to book you some meetings with hot prospects, we’ll come across people who want to meet even though they don’t have a relevant need right now.

So our callers are quite clear about the difference between a good prospect to chase and a bad prospect to bypass. They’ll also talk to you about each case, so you can decide how to handle them. In each case, we’ll decide the right action according to the potential. That means, even if someone wants to meet you, we might say no. (Nicely, of course).

And the result of that is, you won’t spend time chasing prospects when there’s no chance of any return. If we send you to a meeting, it’ll be a prospect with a real need.

To summarize, we’re very focused on getting maximum results. And results doesn’t just mean meetings with clients. It means business for you.

Why not give Sean a call to discuss your business development plans and let Sean give you an honest opinion about whether or not our approach could work for you Tell him what business audiences you target and what sets you apart from other people supplying similar services to those audiences. This will help Sean understand whether we can help you. Sean will give you his honest opinion, and leave it with you to decide whether you want to take it further.

Find Great Leads

As a business-to-business lead-generation agency. We help our clients to find people who need them.

Talk to Right People

Talk to the right people in the right companies, and then put across the right message.

Give a Great Pitch

We will help you put together a sharp, sweet message that will galvanise your target decision-makers

Check for Real

We’re very focused on getting max results. And results doesn’t just mean meetings with clients. It means business for you

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Stay in Touch with Us

For more info about how we work and a quote: sean.sinclair@clienthunters.co.uk
For enquiries about data: esther.smith@clienthunters.co.uk

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Client Hunters, 48 Echline Drive,
Edinburgh EH30 9UY.
Email: team@clienthunters.co.uk
Phone: 0131 331 1199
Fax: 0131 331 3994, 0131 331 2288

Who we are

Are you too busy to develop new business?

Client Hunters helps find new clients for business-to-business consultants and agencies. We apply an intelligent approach to telephone research to find decision-makers who are in the market for your service.


Our service gives you a way you can grow your business faster without putting in more work. The secret is that you will be delegating the early work of researching prospective clients. This will leave you free to focus your time on the more productive stages of the business development process, i.e. the stages when you meet someone who needs your service.


Some marketing firms work for a variety of clients, but our work needs skills which can only be acquired by specialising. So we are focused. We only work for consultants and agencies including designers, management consultants, PR consultants, translators, trainers and researchers. On their behalf, we call decision-makers from middle management up to director level, including chief executives.

Putting Together List of Targets

Once we have obtained the data, the job of fine tuning the targeting isn’t finished. We will aim to further improve the targeting after we start work. We mostly work on a results basis, we are geared to notice very quickly when a pattern emerges in terms of good and bad results.


Starting the Calls

The caller will have a conversation with the prospect in which they aim to exchange information and ideas to identify the prospect’s business issues and establish whether or not they are in the market for your service. We aim to delight our clients with careful preparation.


How Good are the Meetings?

Our method is to check out the prospect’s readiness in every case by asking questions before we book a meeting.So if a prospect is a time waster the questions will make that clear. And if they have no immediate need for your service, we will not book the meeting and reassure with further information.


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Why Choose Us?

We help you keep your workload up to capacity, month in, month out. The most common problem with doing business development in-house is discontinuity. Do you always put enough time into identifying likely clients and keeping in touch with them until they are ready to meet?

  • We will find you clients who match your ideal profile but who are not currently on your radar, hot prospects who aren’t even currently on your database.
  • We are effective at influencing client perceptions to match the brand image you require for your firm.
  • The specialist experience we have acquired of talking to marketers gives our callers the instincts which tell them whether a client is genuinely in the market (worthwhile) or just looking for ideas (not worthwhile). They can tell whether there’s real business on offer.

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By doing the work yourself, you get no guarantee of a return on investment from any of those costs.

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