Why should you believe we can do this work effectively?


Sean Sinclair (MD)

Sean Sinclair is MD of Client Hunters. Sean will be your account manager when you take us on. He started his working life with eight years in classical FMCG marketing, initially with Unilever, and later in OTC pharmaceuticals with Sterling Health and Whitehall Laboratories, part of American Home Products. He instigated Whitehall’s first use of direct marketing two years before Heinz made it fashionable in FMCG. He now applies that experience and training to the marketing of professional services. He has been helping consultants and agencies win new clients for ten years. He has written six books on marketing and business development.

Sean’s background in marketing means you can trust him to understand and support your marketing strategy. Sean was also on the receiving end of many attempts to win his business from providers of professional services, which sharpened up his ideas about what works when consultants and agencies promote themselves! So if need be, he will help you fine tune your strategy for the market sectors we target for you. For example he will help you identify the key messages you need to communicate to maximize the chance that clients will give you business. And when the calling starts, Sean will ensure that callers communicate those messages effectively and support the image you want to convey.


Esther Smith (Operations Manager)

Esther Smith is Operations Manager at Client Hunters. Esther’s key responsibilities are to ensure that our clients are happy with our work and keep coming back for more. More specifically, she manages day to day contact with clients; she organises and motivates our callers to ensure we work efficiently and effectively; and not least, she obtains data for clients to reflect their ideal profile in terms of the size and type of companies we target for them.

Esther also quality controls the work we do. For example, she checks that the meetings we book for clients reflect the criteria we have agreed with clients. Her favourite question is, what business can our client get out of this meeting?

Esther’s background is that she spent a number of years managing the production of marketing literature for a large consumer goods company and more time in a similar role for a well known campaigning organisation before she moved on to managing ad sales and production on an advertising section for the magazine of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

During her tenure at the magazine the number of complaints from advertisers dropped by 80% and the number of pages increased from 4 to 24 – an indicator of the importance she places on client satisfaction and the success she achieves in delivering it.

Our people have years of experience,

but keep looking for new ways to improve.

Lorraine Begg

Lorraine has worked at a senior level on behalf of b2b consultants and agencies for about ten years. She has a lively and personable approach which guarantees that clients will like her. She speaks to MDs and company directors, on behalf of management consultants, marketing agencies and financial services.

Anne Muir

Anne Muir applies a listening-based approach which wins her many meetings which could not have been won with old school salesy tactics. She started out in b2b marketing for some of the top names in financial services, rising to the position of leading sales trainer for one of the top banks. However she then decided that her interest in marketing was best applied in helping marketing services to develop their businesses. Her quietly distinctive approach works well in this highly competitive arena.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy applies an intelligent, questioning methodology to his telemarketing work which encourages people to talk in depth about their business issues. This enables Matt to determine with great precision whether there is a fit with the services provided by the service-provider he is representing. After completing a BA in Business and Economics, Matt’s work has all been in business development for agencies and consultants. He likes a challenge!

Frances Houston

Frances Houston spent some time working in financial services marketing (mortgages and banking) before joining Client Hunters to help accountants develop their practices. She is friendly and professional. Frances can talk to owners of small businesses at their level, and bring out what they are looking for in an accountant.