Questions we will Ask you at the Start of a Project!

Client Hunters applies an intelligent approach to telemarketing. This depends on a through understanding of your business and how you work and how you differentiate your service from that of your competitors. Only when we know these things can we propose a telemarketing strategy which will work for you.

Here are some of the questions we will put when we start work for you:

  • Complete list of your services, types of project you work on etc
  • What ways have you promoted yourself in the past?
  • What kinds of clients have been easier or harder to win?
  • If necessary, clarification of spec of target clients – industries, sizes, geography, job titles
  • Sectors to avoid, sectors to prioritise
  • Any differences in the special strengths/skills required for the different sectors we are calling
  • Signals that a company or individual might be in the market
  • Signals that a client is not worthwhile
  • What do clients gain from this kind of service
  • Names of your competitors
  • What are the current faddish concerns amongst the target audience; how can we tie your service into these
  • Other guidance regarding trends and changes in the market – market, legal, technical
  • Briefing on professional background of the individuals who will be attending meetings
  • Briefing on the background of the directors who started the firm
  • If you rely on a special process or technique, how did your methodology come about – history of the methodology, interesting stories
  • Common questions and objections we will encounter
  • Any questions you want us to ask when we are booking the meeting


  • Number of staff
  • Mix of staff in terms of roles
  • Associations, qualifications
  • How long established
  • Address Phone Fax Website Email Partners
  • Any curious facts about the town or the building
  • Rate of meetings required per month
  • Who will do meetings
  • Job Titles
  • Any holidays imminent?
  • What information do you require from the prospects you will be meeting?

Paperwork we Ask You to Send

(send us everything - you never know where we will come across a helpful snippet)

  • List of companies to exclude i.e. companies we cannot call (this list should include companies not on the database we send you – just in case we get referred from one company to another)
  • Brochure
  • Copy of a proposal document
  • Resumes of the partners/directors and senior staff (including names of impressive employers we can mention to clients)
  • Client list
  • Papers describing the process, papers with history of the firm, nuts and bolts papers, manifestos of the founders etc
  • Any particularly interesting case histories including quotes from clients, any special difficulties encountered, and any evidence of success, especially quantified measures (revenue, increased profit / decreased costs etc)
  • Client testimonials – including name of individual, job title, company
  • Copies of press articles
  • Let us know if you have been ranked high in any surveys (e.g. by size or by customer satisfaction), or if you have been mentioned in any reports? Or any other third party endorsements

These questions will produce lots of information, but we don’t use all of it. Sean Sinclair, our MD, will sift your briefing information for the key messages which will grab the prospects’ attention. The caller will only have 15 to 20 seconds to convince the prospect to continue listening. By being through when we gather information from you, we stand the best chance of identifying the strongest messages which will get you in front of the best prospects.