Dear Sean, I would like to thank you for the recent meetings you and Lambert set up for us. These meetings were selected with attention to detail and took into consideration the criteria I had previously provided. We have already started working with one of the companies and hope we'll be able to say the same for the others in the very near future.
Dear Sean, I can confirm that in my opinion they provide an excellent service. client hunters have the ability to get us in front of senior people from Blue Chip companies with the minimum of involvement from us. We have tried other agencies but none have delivered like client hunters and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Dear Sean, I wanted to thank you for the work you have carried out over the last year for us in finding and setting up a range of CEO meetings. We are pleased with the quality of the interviews, which spanned a range of industries. Meeting with CEOs is an integral part of our sales initiative and we found it effective to outsource this part of our front end marketing to client hunters Research.
Dear Sean, I wanted to write to say thank you for the meetings you have obtained for us with IT Directors and Managers in blue chip financial services companies. As I said to you at the outset, we did not think this would be an easy project for you, because we offer such a highly technical service. I was impressed by the way your callers were able to grasp what we did sufficiently well to hold sensible conversations with the decision makers they spoke to. Secondly, the results were much better than I expected. I am naturally cautious and sceptical, and thought it would be tough: you were calling at a time when IT budgets are tighter than they have ever been, and you were calling financial services companies where budgets are also tighter than they have ever been. Nevertheless, you got us in front of the right level of decision-maker in the right kind of clients: the heads of e-commerce at HSBC, Standard Life, Royal Bank of Scotland Gartmore Fund Management, and GE Capital among others. What I especially liked was that these people all had different titles, and required a certain amount of sleuthing to track down. Please pass on my thanks to your callers for their professionalism and skill in handling this project. Our sales process has a long lead time, as you know, but I will let you know how we get on in converting these meetings into business.
Dear Sirs, We have used client hunters Research on a regular basis over the past few years to arrange prospective new business appointments on behalf of ourselves. We have not only obtained new business via their introductions but have been complimented as to their professional manner and handling of any such appointments. We can endorse their business ethics wholeheartedly.
To whom it may concern, We have used client hunters Research as our main marketing tool since April 1999 and have found their service to be by far the most productive and cost effective means of growing our business. From time to time we have used other means of publicity, e.g. directories and various supposedly focused third-party web sites. Although the initial cost of these may appear cheaper, when considered as a cost per client obtained, our experience is that they are quite expensive and not very effective with a very poor response by way of new business. We have found that client hunters have access to all sorts of data concerning new businesses and are very good at discovering potential new clients who may already have an accountant but are perhaps not fully satisfied with the service currently provided. They arrange appointments for us and send letters on our behalf confirming the arrangements. So far as the clients are concerned, the client hunters contacts appear to be our staff. It is then up to us to turn the prospect into a client by a positive approach at the meeting and by providing the level of service the client requires at a fee level with which they are content. We have found that the majority of appointments turn into new clients and are very happy with the service provided by client hunters Research. We have already made unsolicited recommendations to other firms (not too local to be competitors!) and would be more than happy to discuss their service with others upon request.
Dear Sean, It is now five years since we started using your services. I wanted to put on record our thanks for the business we have gained and the simplicity of using your system. As you know, it proved so successful that we ceased using most other methods of business promotion.
Dear Sean, It is probably an appropriate time now, as it has never been done in writing, to thank you and your team for the valued introductions you have brought us. The manner in which introductions are effected runs smoothly and efficiently and we have met and taken on many clients who have added value to this practice. Indeed they are now onward referring us to their own contacts”. Again, thank you and keep up the good work.